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Clairvoyant Medium & Psychic Raphael Pathé in Knightsbridge, London RAPHAEL THE-WORLDS-MEDIUM.com

I am Raphaël Pathé : clairvoyant medium and psychic born and raised in France. When I was a child, I discovered the healing power of precious gemstones by touching my Mum's jewelry : diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls. I then started collecting crystals while learning about their energetic properties. I started to have visions about the future when I was 10 years old. As a teenager, I taught myself to read the Egyptian tarot and devoured books about magic and astrology. I have felt multiple astro travel experiences in my 20's, one day I felt as if I saw what people would call heaven. I then experienced an awakening of my medium gift during a spooky encounter with an angry ghost at my family's vacation beach house. 

A global entertainer

Raphael Pathe performs "The Sound Of Luxury"  at Red Bar - W Hotel in Santiago Chile

As a descendant of Charles Pathé, founder of the French Pathé cinema and Music global brands : I am formally trained in music, dancing and acting, which I studied in Paris, France. With those skills, I made a career hosting and performing at prestigious events and presenting shows on Television all around the world.

Los Angeles, Hollywood

Dame Judi Dench and Raphaël Pathé at a charity event

In 2011,  I moved from Ibiza (Spain) to West Hollywood, CA to shoot episodes of my DJ music show "The sound of luxury" I realized my house was haunted by a very bad entity that put a real struggle on my everyday life and career, leading to sleep deprivation and eventually complete burnout. Michelle, a medium in Hollywood, CA told me that from now on, my life wanted me to use my special gift immediately. She encouraged me to become a full-time psychic and spiritual medium -- which I did.  After training in France with Morgane a white witch and friend of mine : I returned to Los Angeles and successfully relaunched my life as well as starting to write my memoirs.