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Let's face it, psychics and mediums are the new DJ's : talking about spirits is the new deal, it's sensational.  What if you could invite me over and question me about my work as a psychic and a medium ?  I could reveal all my secrets, talk to people who are departed : these spirits from the other world, I could also use tarot and explain how it works.

  • Look no further, I speak English, French and Spanish, have travelled all around the world, lived in Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico, London, the world is my oyster, it just is.
  • I love to talk in front of an audience, my different experiences on camera will enable me to surprise your audience. 
  • I am writing my first book to be released in 2019
  • I am preparing a new ted talk - motivational speech on how  Hollywood transformed me from an international DJ to an international Psychic and Medium : a digital nomad.

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