PAST LIFE RESET with Raphael The Worlds Medium



Our lifetime unfold to us with what lessons we need to learn and sometimes they come like a pattern of chaos. The patterns of lower frequency emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, and many more negative feelings are the basis of our karmic bonds. 

If you are triggered by  a family member, by your boss, by your partner or by complete strangers : maybe you have a past life history that connects you to them.  We offer you to navigate your past life for you :  past history and karmic history to bring you the awareness and remembrance of where you come from, heal your past for you  to enable you to self realize your own power and connection to all.

Sometimes, past lives incarnations detach us to our true identity :  our soul. Our life on Earth is a presentation of our higher self with its highest potential and magnificence. 

We can release and clear any karmic bonds that is within our energetic fields. With the assistance of Raphael The Worlds medium : we can evolve and tap into our higher self to shine our bright light.

Allowing this trust and flow with our divine selves, we become empowered and know that everything is taken care of. Surrendering to the flow of the universal energy and divine guidance.  


Live your life the without the chaos of past lives.