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Raphael The Worlds Medium in Beverly Hills 90210, Los Angeles, California

Thank you for these kind words from clients all around the world.

Maggie (mediumship session)

Puerto Vallarta, Zona Romantica, Mexico

"Raphael was amazing. He offered excellent advice re: dealing with the negative energy in my surroundings. Additionally, his insight into the issues of the death of a loved one was most enlightening. I look forward to another session with him, hopefully, in the near future"

Raina Maldonado (mediumship session)
Los Angeles, California, USA

"Wow, truly amazing!!! Raphael,  there are no words that can describe how much great information you gave us. Thank you !"

Fabiana. L
St Barts, French Antilles, Caribbean

"Best gift you can get or give to yourself"

St Martin Island, Antilles, Netherlands

"This is my first psychic reading  I was so astonished how precise and accurate Raphael was"

Alfonso Davalos
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"I highly recommend Raphael, he is very good and it was a great experience :) !"

Jean-Marc Masala
Paris, France

"I had a session with Raphael 2 months ago not only he predicted a big professional change that would happen but he also gave me advice to monitor my stress level throughout the change. A great beneficial experience"

Paul Gearhart
West Hollywood, CA USA

"I can highly recommend Raphael!  He told me things that exactly came true in the exact moments he said.  Unbelievable gift!" 


Los Angeles, CA 

"Raphael is a very gifted psychic. The information he has given me has been of great help. I highly recommend him!"   

Mumbai, India

"Thank you for all the words you said to my Mother about me when I was lost in my life, she came to me and told me these words and it meant a lot to me. Now everything is back in order, I'm back on track. Thank you Raphael"

Addison K Witt 

Los angeles, CA

"Raphael's readings and insight has been the breath of fresh air that I needed. He helped me clarify what I wanted, and encouraged me to take the step to embrace what was already there in front of me. Thanks Raphael" 

Los Angeles, CA

"I really want to acknowledge you and thank you for sharing your insight with me.  Most of the time people never get to hear how they have impacted someones life in just a few minutes.  May you be blessed on your journey xo"



"I spoke to Raphael when I was going through major changes in my life. Everything he said will happen happened: in one year I got engaged, moved country and found a new job! Thank you Raphael for your caring and precious & genuine help"

Aurora Abazi

Tirana, Europe, Albania

"I have been a loyal follower for 7 years as i find him very accurate! He is a very good psychic and i highly recommend it!. He gives such complete information. I have used his service from UK face to face and now that I  moved back to Albania i contact him from Skype . Thank you so much Raphael , I enjoy your tarot reading each time" 

Bryan Holdman

West Hollywood, CA

"I got the most insightful tarot card reading from @RaphaelPsychic He showed me a lot, but even he wouldn't tell me who "A" is"

Clémentine Louise Landais

London UK

"Raphael said things that really helped me dealing with my life by revealing elements i couldn't see. It was disturbing at first but soon after, everything started to make a lot of sense. Thank you Raphael"

Rose D'emir 

Paris France

"An amazing psychic and kind hearted person, helping people is in his genes, you will definitely feel better after meeting him"

Erin Gavin

Hollywood, CA, USA

"I am not one of believing in things easily but when I decided to try the "Psychic" idea, I was amazed at what Raphael told me that truly happened in my past. Highly recommend"

Janna Lowell

Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Greetings from your Air Norwegian seat mate ! Thank you for a very helpful reading !" 

David Williams

Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Raphael is a true and gifted individual. He has provided excellent readings that have been 100% accurate ! He is the real deal"  

Esteban Torres 

Vancouver, BC Canada

"Amazing experience : Raphael really gave me a great experience I was impressed by his accuracy and guidance : I felt connected and comfortable following his advice"

Caliph Ross

New York City, NYC


"Raphael is spot on with his readings. He is very conscientious of your time as well so when he schedule's a reading you can be sure that he will be on time and prepared to give you the best reading that you can imagine. I have had wonderful experiences working with Raphael. He has shown me so much about my path that was pertinent to my growth. I would definitely recommend him to anyone" 


West Hollywood, CA

"Thank you so much! I so enjoyed you and your style and feeling the truth of your astonishing accuracy!" 

Steve and Deborah

Los Angeles CA, USA

"Our session yesterday was truly amazing. Thank you so much"


Los Angeles CA, USA

"I truly enjoyed my meeting with Raphael. He gave me a great reading along with reading recommendations that he believes will help me. He was welcoming & kind! I would recommend Raphael & his services to anybody!" 


Los Angeles, CA USA

"I loved my reading with Raphael. He speaks from the heart and intuition. He doesn't waste time getting too granular about things rather keeping it simple and too the point, which I like because you could easily over think little unnecessary details. Felt very inspired and grounded after meeting with him. Will definitely be back" 

Matthew A

New York City, USA

"I have done two readings with Raphael. The first one I found to be super accurate, he basically predicted my life for a year and was correct, but more than his predictions, which are impressive, he provides good advice and is a caring, sweet man. We'll see how this next year goes for me, but I plan on continuing to check in with him in the future for guidance and advice. Highly recommended"


Venice Beach California, USA

"I highly recommend Raphael! I have seen him several times and he really channeled in some valuable and accurate information. We talked about what was going on in my current home and relationship situation. Before saying anything he started talking about some imbalanced things happening in my life at the moment and how the energies would be transforming and clearing out in the next month...and he was right on!  He also described my current boyfriend and our relationship perfectly.  He talked about how the relationship would progress over the months in a way that made a lot of sense and it gave me a lot of comfort. I always leave the session feeling uplifted and grounded. Raphael is the real thing. Book Now!"